Store entry number gathering time

Please check the store entry number and the gathering time identified above, assemble at the gathering place designated below by the designated assembly time, and line up following the instructions of the security guards.
The gathering time may change depending on circumstances. The store will not reach out to you or make announcements about this. The customer is responsible for confirming the time and place.

  1. Supreme will not be liable for any problems that occur with the network when using this website, any trouble that arises between customers, or damages suffered by customers while waiting to enter the store.
  2. The customer identity will be checked to enter the store. Please be sure to have your own mobile phone and one of the following photo IDs used for the store visit registration. Absent one of the acceptable photo IDs or if the identity of the person cannot be otherwise confirmed, store entry will be denied. The only acceptable photo ID for confirmation of the person's identity is the original of one of the following seven IDs: *If an ID has an expiration date, the ID must not be expired.
    - Driver's license
    - Passport
    - Alien registration card
    - Special permanent resident certificate
    - Residence card
    - Basic resident registration card
    - Disability Certificate
    - Individual Number Card (so called as “My-number Card” in Japan) (We do not collect your Individual Number Card information at the time of presentation. Please be sure to bring the card consealing your number part with a protective sticker etc. If the number is presented in visible way, we may not treat the card as a valid identification.).
  3. Any customer who is not assembled as designated in this website will be denied entry to the store.
  4. A customer's right to enter a store obtained using the customer's mobile phone is valid only for that customer. The SMS message will not be resent, and the store entry number will not be re-issued. Please make sure not to lose your phone and that the phone is working.
  5. Registration is limited to one time per person.
    Anyone committing any wrongdoing such as using multiple devices or registering by changing the name, we will refuse to enter the store on the day and may result in removal from the future lottery.
  6. Any misconduct by the customer including the sale, assignment, duplication or the like of a customer's mobile phone, the registered store entry number, or the ID used for the confirmation of the identity of the customer will result in the denial of all future visits to any of our stores.
  7. Please be mindful of your health situation while you wait for store entry. Supreme will not be liable for any health-related problems.
  8. Please refrain from loitering around the store as this can be annoying to pedestrians and neighboring stores.
    Please also refrain from smoking at places other than the smoking areas designated by the local government.
    Anyone violating the terms and conditions including the above or engaging in any wrongdoing will be denied future visits to our stores.